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New Year, New projects! (same old us!)

Firstly, sorry!

We've been a bit quietly recently, juggling many of life's ups and downs. But want to whole heartedly thank all of the support, kindness and patience we've received through what have been some challenging personal circumstances.

As we welcome in 2024, we want to share a little bit of what we have been up to with you...

  • We have almost finished processing our research findings along with a series of reports detailing our findings which we will be sharing with you shortly!

  • Following on from our research findings we have been working on developing new services to reflect the needs identified.

  • We have updated our website

  • We have begun the process of registering to become a Social Enterprise.

  • We have been consulting on a few different projects including;

    • Digital illustration and video content creation

    • Advising on a project to support neurodivergent individuals on their travels

    • Advising on a community engagement and co-creation project

There are probably a few things I'm forgetting but not a bad list to start a year with!


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