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What is via?

Via will be a platform for both visitors and organisers alike to find accessibility information and guidance.

Collecting and curating a record of reasonable adjustments will enable a method of best practice for addressing accessibility needs to be established. Generating a consistent experience for all, and providing support for venues and organisers of all sizes, helping to alleviate/reduce the impact and costs upon resources and capacity. 

Fostering and developing conversations between visitors and organisers, will allow up-to-date insights which value and centre lived experiences. Providing space for learning and understanding to help generate a sense of community that everyone can feel a part of.

An image of a group of people having a relaxed conversation. A wheechair user can be seen in the foreground.
An audience view of a conference.

Our Aims...

Improve experiences

Increase engagement

Value lived 

Share, learn, develop, grow

Our Aims

Support and foster constructive conversations

Build community

Increase confidence

Create employment opportunities


Our Research...

Via was recently selected as one of the
8 new Connected Innovators.

"As part of the wider Creative Informatics programme, the Connected Innovators programme supports emerging leaders who seek to incorporate social impact into their creative practice.

Awarded up to £10,000 to work on research and development or professional development around data and data-driven innovation.


In addition to receiving funding, the Innovators will receive support, skills and expertise from the Creative Edinburgh and Creative Informatics network which will enable them to develop and grow their practice and ideas."

This funding will be used to carry out research which, once gathered, will help to inform and shape the creation of via and it's mission to improve accessibility.

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Friends Enjoying in Park




What visitors say...

"…you could tell they had gone to some effort to try and be more accessible, but it was completely useless… They had no real idea of how their concept would - or rather wouldn’t function in real life... In trying to remove barriers and make things easier …they built up more in different areas and lifted my expectations just to let me down more.."

What organisers say...

"…Obviously I don't want to make anyone feel excluded, but I'm aware that I can only make considerations based off of what I know... off of my own experiences - which lacks the diversity of the audiences we want to welcome. Having a way to connect and learn from others and wider my own perceptions would really help what we can offer and consider...."

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